Aamir Khan UNICEF Ambassador

New Delhi, Nov 30 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) on Wednesday announced the appointment of Bollywood actor and producer Aamir Khan as its Ambassador promoting nutrition for children.

In his new role, Aamir will participate actively to create a better life for millions of children in India.

As a representative of UNICEF, Aamir will build on his personal interest in children’s issues to support UNICEF’s mission to ensure that every child in this country survives and thrives.

“I am honored to formalize my association with UNICEF as their Ambassador to help raise awareness on the issue of malnutrition amongst children.” said Aamir at Wednesday’s signing ceremony in Delhi.

“Over the past one year, I have worked with the team at UNICEF, partners from the Government, Citizen’s alliance and Prasoon Joshi’s and his team, to create a nationwide campaign against Malnutrition.”

In India, one out every two children is malnourished, leaving them vulnerable to poor health and disease, particularly children from the country’s most remote and disadvantaged communities.

“I realize there is a lot to be done and I hope that by lending my voice I can make a difference to the lives of children and hereby to the future of our country.Partnering with UNICEF will enable me to advocate for the rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized children in India,” he said.

Women and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath and UNICEF Representative in India, Karin Hulshof both welcomed the appointment.

“We know Aamir Khan as a leading star of Indian cinema. He is also a compelling advocate, with an enormous drive and commitment, to transform and improve the situation of children in the country,” Hulshof said.

“I cannot stress enough how fortunate we are to welcome him into the UNICEF family in India. His voice and unwavering commitment will help to reach every child, irrespective of their background, caste or religion.

“India is a rising power on the world stage. And yet, so many rights and entitlements of children remain to be fulfilled. Working side by side, we will address this and combine our collective efforts to create a world fit for children,” she said.

UNICEF Ambassadors are celebrities with a demonstrated commitment to improving the lives of children.

Highly talented in their individual right, they all share an ability to bring children’s issues to attention, to galvanize support from the public and lead decision makers and to raise urgently needed funds for vital UNICEF programmes.

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