Aamir Khan on Hindi movie ‘Delhi Belly’

Aamir KhanJune 1, 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Bollywood actor Aamir Khan who has donned the producer’s hat once again for Imran Khan-starrer Delly Belly talks about the film. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

Why didn’t you direct Delly Belly besides producing it?

Abhinay (Deo) has made Delly Belly the exact way we wanted. The script came to us and we chose him and he has done full justice to it. As a producer, I am really satisfied the way the film has shaped up, the way Abhinay has brought out the humour, the excitement…he lived up to our faith completely.

Why did you cast your nephew Imran as a lead in the film?

The reason we chose Imran is because he is a thik thak actor (smiles)…a good actor. He suits the character of Tashi to the ‘T’.

Is it a remake?

It is not a remake of any film. It is an original film. The script has been written by Akshat Verma, who has been a student of UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles); he studied films there. It’s his story.

Delly Belly has a dark script while your production house maintains a clean, family entertainment tag. Are you taking a risk with this film?

Yes you are right in saying that I produce films that are family-oriented, carry social message; mainly for family audience. But for the first time we have made a film which is strictly not for kids. The language used in the film is really indecent. So, it is also not for those people who prefer to stay away from filthy language. We had applied for an adults (A) certificate (at the Censor Board)…and we got that. Delly Belly is a very irreverent film; it’s aimed at the youth. I loved the film, though personally I don’t use foul language.

How did you feel when you read the script for the first time?

I couldn’t stop laughing when I read the script for the first time. Akshat was trying for months to approach me with his script. He came to Mumbai from LA only to meet me. But I was busy shooting for a film and so couldn’t meet him. So, he gave the script to my maid at home. I don’t know where the maid kept the script, but somehow it showed up on my table. One day, I was answering some emails on Internet and Kiran (Rao, wife) was waiting for me to get free. There were about 100-150 scripts on my table and the very first script she picked up for a casual read was this one.

I saw her laughing while reading the script and gradually her laughter got louder and she literally rolled down from the sofa. I asked her: ‘What are you reading?’She said this script is really funny and that I should read it too. We were supposed to go out, but we cancelled our plan. Kiran refused to leave the script half-read. She completed reading the script in 90 minutes. I immediately started reading it after she was done. I wasted no time in calling Jim (one of the producers) and Akshat, who had just reached LA that time, and said I wanted to meet him. He took the next flight and returned to Mumbai.

Now that the song- Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose­– is topping the music charts, who is DK Bose?

At times we face certain andhi­-like (stormy) situations in life. That time the only option left to us to flee. It’s at that time one sings this kind of song.

Why aren’t you disclosing the name of your item girl in Delly Belly?

Till a heroine or item girl is decided, I feel very happy because all actresses smile at me a lot. Wherever I go, girls give me a lot of smiles. So I feel very happy and ask my director to take more time to choose and announce the heroine.

What if you get confused on a heroine given that so many girls are smiling at you?

In that case, I will turn item boy and start dancing.

Shifting from Delly Bellyi, Salman Khan said he will tie up your hands and feet so that you don’t marry a third time. You comment to that?

You people (media) asked me how will Salman get married. I said since he himself is not taking any initiative, so we have to tie up his hands and feet and get him married. Now you are saying he wants to tie up my hand and legs. He is absolutely right. If someone doesn’t tie me up, then there is no guarantee…(that I won’t marry again).

– Sreya Basu

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