Aamir Khan: ‘I cry very easily’

Whatever Aamir Khan touches, turns to gold. This proved right one more time with critics and commoners showering praises on his TV show Satyamev Jayate as the first episode on female foeticide was aired on May 6, 2012. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu catches up with the actor-producer on why he turned to small screen

The very first episode has declared Satyamev Jayate as a huge hit. How do you feel now?
I don’t know about people’s response. But this much I can say that I have got a huge opportunity to learn about life through this show. In the last two years, I have travelled across India and met people from all places. May be I could have never faced them had I not agreed to do this TV show.

How much are you emotionally attached to the woes of commoners on the show?
There were incidents that were very hurtful to heart. There were many instances where I felt like crying…in fact, I cried. I cry very easily. Again, there were people meeting whom made me so happy that I cried even more.

What has it been like shooting for the show?
When you become a star, a celebrity, it becomes difficult to roam around freely and meet people. In a way, you get detached from people. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to connect with people and meet them at a close level.
There are so many inspirational people in our country, that too at the grassroots level. In a true sense, Satyamav Jayate has been a journey for life for me…it has been an enriching experience. This journey made Aamir aamir (rich) in real sense.

What are your expectations from the show?
I don’t care about TRPs (Television Rating Points). I want to reach people’s hearts via this show because unless something reaches your heart tab tak baat nehin banti.

But can you actually stay indifferent to TRPs ? 
Honestly speaking, I really have no idea about TRPs, how they are calculated. I have tried to connect to as many people I can. I chose television because it’s probably a medium via which I can convey what I have to say. Now it’s up to the people whether they will watch the show or switch off the TV.

The theme song played a crucial rule in popularizing the show…
The theme song was a necessity. I believe songs are the best communication links. You can communicate everything with words and discussions. But if those are communicated via songs and music, it has a different impact…it reaches hearts easily…and the impact remains with you for a longer time. We wanted to give much importance to songs and keep a song in each episode.

Whose idea was it to name the show Satyamev Jayate?
The idea was Udayji’s (Shankar) who is the head of Star. Also Satyamev Jayate is the motto of our country. And here we are trying to search the truth through this show. Let me tell you something, we could not register this name as authorities said no one person can have a copyright on the phrase Satyamev Jayate. And that made me even happier to know that the name belongs to all Indians.

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