Aamir and Shammi talk about romance


Aamir Khan has always respected Shammi Kapoor. In fact, the actor admits to watching all of Shammi Kapoor’s films when he was debuting as a romantic hero as no one could beat Shammi Kapoor in the romance aspect.

And since the legendary actor has also launched the music of Aamir’s films, Taare Zameen Par and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Aamir shares a special closeness with him. That’s why at the special show that Aamir did for the Cine Artiste Association, he requested Shammi Kapoor appears with him on a special segment on romance.

Since Shammi was unwell, Aamir organized the shoot at the veteran actor’s residence.

According to sources, Shammi has always been close to Aamir’s uncle Nasir Hussain. That’s how long back Aamir goes with Shammi. When the organizers asked Shammi to do the show, he refused for health reasons. However, Aamir convinced him into doing it.

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