Aalo Chaya-Art Show at Kolkata art gallery

Art Exhibition-Kolkata Art and CultureAalo-chaya was a group art show hosted at Kolkata’s Gaganendra Pradarshanshala during 23-25th January. It involved a variety of mediums, for both painting and sculpture. The group behind Aalo-chaya, consisting of 11 members, is an eclectic group in all sense. Their group is made of both young and experienced hands, with ages ranging from 18 years to 50 years; some of them are still art college students, while some are graduates. Previously, they have done two local shows, and this was their first show in Kolkata.

We asked them, why is it Aalo-chaya? And they replied:


Light and shadow is the creative, aesthetic expression of the spontaneous, wondrous creation of nature’s beauty.

Light and shadow exists in reality, it is an incomparable beauty in the universe.

The creation of human is the discovery of an abstract light and shadow. A reflection of his abstract, aesthetic feeling that which illuminates the world today.

In search of the existence of inner truth and creativity of the eternal beauty we begin our endless journey ….

Though it is our first show yet some of our members like Ritwik kar, Purna Chakraborty, Smita Das, Kakoli Kar have received excellent praises.

We hope that with the support and good wishes of our viewers we will be able to hold more of such good shows in future.

– Chandan Biswas

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