Aadu Puli (2011)-Tamil Movie Review

Feb 21, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Aadu Puli is a 2011 Tamil movie directed by Vijai Prakash with Aadhi, Prabhu, Poorna, KR Vijaya and others in the cast. Read the film review at Calcutta Tube.

‘Aadu Puli’ -run-of-the-mill masala movie;

Cast: Aadhi, Prabhu, Poorna, KR Vijaya, Suresh, Anupama, Srinath and others;

Director: Vijai Prakash;

Producer: Global Infotainment;

Music Director: Sundar C Babu;

Rating: **

This latest offering from producer Michael Rayappan is actor Aadhi’s maiden attempt at commercial cinema. As the title implies, there is a game involved in the script and it’s between the villain and the hero’s family (what else!).

That debutant Vijay Prakash opted to make a commercial film is not a sin, but he could have selected something new in terms of story and screenplay. We have seen a hero single handedly eliminating powerful villain in thousands of films. We have seen the likes of Rajinikanth and Vijay doing it umpteenth time. One wishes Vijay Prakash could have tried to present a mass movie with some new elements.

Coming to the story, Idayakanni (Aadhi) falls in love with Anjali (Poorna), daughter of a teacher. Several songs and dances later, our hero discovers that Anjali’s father is minister Thillanayagam (Suresh) whose has ambition is become a chief minister. And for this he plays mind games to win over his adversaries in politics.

He also plans to use his daughter by getting her married to a powerful politician’s son to come closer to the chief minister’s post. But her relationship with Idayakanni spoils the game.

Now Thillanayagam is bent upon playing a game to change his daughter’s mind without making her suspicious. He doesn’t want to get into controversy. But our hero is game for it and he gives him fitting reply at each and every step. The predictable climax shows how our hero triumphs.

Vijay Prakash has tried hard to make it an interesting film. But the fact that he has blatantly restored to the cliches mars his efforts. The opening scene, the romance, the depiction of families, and the songs timings are too predictable to excite viewers.

However, the second half, where the mind games strategy is in full swing, is interesting.

Sundar C Babu’s music has nothing special except one melodious duet. But his background score is effective.

Poorna looks good and carries her role without any problem. Aadhi has proved that he is fit to step into the shoes of a mass hero. His dancing and fighting are laudable.

Suresh as villain is the surprise package as the veteran actor has done a very good job. Other seasoned actors including Ravichandran, K.R. Vijaya, and Prabhu (as Aadhi’s family members) do their part well and complete the happy family picture.

In short, masala movie sans novelty.

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