A Sari cost me 25K – Meghna Naidu


Q. How do you define Fashion?
A. Everyone defines fashion in their own ways. Fashion is something which is different everyday. It changes every now and then. People start with a particular trend and everyone follows it and that becomes fashion.

Q. Where do you normally shop your clothes from?
A. I shop from anywhere and everywhere. I like shopping when I am travelling, especially abroad. If I am in town then I mostly shop from Bandra and if it’s accessories it has to be from Linking road, Bandra and Colaba Causaway.

Q. Which brands do you prefer buying?
A. I am not all that a brand conscious person but if I am abroad then I like collecting branded stuffs.

Q. Do you often visit fashion shows?
A. Yes, of course. I have many friends into modeling and from the fashion world and whenever I get time I see one of them.

Q. Who’s your favourite fashion designer?
A. It has to be Rocky S and obviously Manish Malhotra. They are so great in their work that they completely transform a person from nothing to everything (Laughs).

Q. What was the costliest outfit you have ever bought?
A. I guess it was a sari which priced me around 25K. I have many designer saris mostly from Satya Paul. He creates magnificent sari. I also love collecting sari so that I can wear them after my marriage (laughs).

Q. Which is your favourite party wear?
A. My favourite party wear will mostly be a short black dress.

Q. What kind of clothes comforts you the most?
A. It is for sure tracks and tank tops. Even a pair of jeans and a top will do.

Q. Any particular color you opt for while buying your clothes?
A. I love wearing shades of white. My wardrobe has a collection of all the possible colors.

Q. Any fashion tip you would like to give to our readers?
A. Nothing much. But yes I would suggest that wear anything that comforts you. Comfort should be given top priority. Anything that you wear should be good and a person should be able to carry it off well. If he can’t then even a Manish Malhotra costume will look cheap on him.
Pratik Maheshwari  -(SAMPURN)

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