A R Rahman composes apt music for Couples Retreat

A R Rahman composes what he thinks would be apt music for the forthcoming Hollywood movie Couples Retreat.

A R Rahman composes apt music for Couples Retreat

The ‘formula’ works equally effectively across the cultural divide. If in Bollywood Rahman was expected to do a series of Rukmani rukmani after Roja, in the West they want more Jai ho from this composing genius after Slumdog Millionaire.

But Rahman in his own quiet way is determined to not pander to western expectations.

He made it very clear to the people behind his first full-fledged Hollywood film that he’d compose exactly what he thought to be the most apt music for the show.

Says Rahman, “Couples Retreat will have music that suits an American rom-com. There is no real Indian sound in it. But yes, there will be a touch of Indianess in the sound. Otherwise what is the point of bringing me into the picture?”

Apparently there were numerous brainstorming sessions during which the sound of Slumdog Millionaire kept cropping up repeatedly.

Rahman gently, but firmly steered the music away from the expected.

Chuckles the wizard of all composing things; “There’s no point in doing something I’ve already done. I’ve reached a stage where I’ve to do new things. There’re so many avenues to be explored. So Couples Retreat will be their (read: American) kind of music with my touch, done in my way.”

Secretly Rahman agrees with those of his admirers and fans who feel Slumdog Millionaire is not among his best work. Says a source, “He has done far superior work in films like Lagaan, Dil Se, Roja, Zubeida and the forthcoming Raavan and Blue. Friends keep telling him that. Slumdog was done in a hurry. In about 20 days flat. Rahman feels he could’ve done a lot better. He now wants the West to see some of his best.” Rahman is looking at Couples Retreat as his real launch into the West.

– Subhash K Jha / Sampurn

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