A person should be original – Shashi Preetam Pratapgiri


Having scored music for approximately 350 jingles for various products, music director Shashi Preetam Pratapgiri has made a name for itself not only in the advertisement field but also established himself in Bollywood and South cinema. Let’s check out what this talented musician has to say about his journey so far and many more. 

Q. Since how long you have been working in the industry?
A. I started with a movie called Gulabi.

Q. You have given background music to films like Aashique, 16th dec, Rudrakash etc. Which have been major hits? How does it feel like?
A. It feels great. I am glad that people has accepted my music, although it’s for background, but yes I had pleasure working for these movies. They all were brilliant movies and it was fun to work on them.

Q. You have provided background music to many south channels for a number of years. How do you compare Bollywood and South’s music?
A. To start with, Bollywood has the letter ‘B’ in it which means big in itself. So it’s very difficult to compare both of them, but yes, certainly Bollywood does have an upper hand in this case. South’s music is renowned and I have contributed a lot to the South movies.

Q. You have composed music and provided background score for Mukhbir. Do you think it was a difficult task?
A. Not really, after providing music for so many years now, it was not that a difficult task. But yes, Mukhbir was a challenge for me as I had provided both the music and the background music for the movie.

Q. What are your views on copyrighting or piracy of music?
A. Piracy of music to some extent is an advantage as it gets more publicity, though in a cheap way. The company which buys the music is the one who suffers. Regarding copyrighting issues, I personally feel that if one composes something original, he doesn’t need to do anything else. A person should be original. That’s what matters.

Q. Whom do you idolize in the music field?
A. R.D. Burman is someone whom I have loved and will always love throughout my life. His music brings life back from death. That’s the quality of his music. He will always remain my Idol.

Q. Given a chance would you like to be a judge in any of music-based reality show?
A. Yes, I would definitely like to be associated with a reality show.

Pratik Maheshwari (SAMPURN)

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