A Father remembers Mother Teresa on her birthday

Kolkata, Aug 27 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS) My first memory of Mother Teresa was as a kid when she came to take me for prayer in the church. She would have us dress up and go to the church. I went with her to Howrah as well where she for the first time gave an ambulance for the leprosy patients. That was way back in 1959-1960. I am now 58.

I have many memories of Mother but those first memories still linger. I recall spending time with her in Italy where I worked for a while. She spent the whole day with us once. It was beautiful. We also travelled together in that country.

Mother is a saint for all of us, irrespective of the sainthood by the Vatican. The Church has its own way of going about it, but for us she is a saint already. We are in no hurry for her sainthood that way. She has already been beatified, which in itself makes her so special.

I think the most befitting way to remember Mother is to do what she did. So I visit the home Prem Dan (Gift of Love) run by the Missionaries of Charity (MoC) every Thursday even now with young boys and girls and work there.

I think the sisters of MoC could work with the same spirit till today because they draw their strength from Mother’s life and works. Her inner strength is transmitted to the sisters of the order.

(As told to Sujoy Dhar)

(Aug 26 is the birth centenary of Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa who made Kolkata her home and place of action for the poor and down-trodden. Father Orson Welles is with the Church of Christ the King at Park Circus, Kolkata)

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