400,000 counterfeit toys seized in Italy

Rome, Nov 11 (IANS/AKI) Almost 400,000 counterfeit children’s Christmas toys and decorations valued at two million euros has been seized here over the last 15 days, police said.

The potentially hazardous items were destined to reach consumers during the busy Christmas season.

According to the police, the items recently arrived in Italy from China via three separate import export business registered to three Chinese nationals. Charges were brought against all for allegedly importing and selling unsafe counterfeit products.

In all, the raid uncovered 370,000 toys and Christmas decorations made with uncertified parts as well as 30,000 counterfeit Rubik’s cubes. The items were nabbed as they were being transported to warehouses in Rome’s periphery.

Italy has an on-going counterfeit problem with unauthorized goods bearing internationally known Italian brand names produced in China. Italian companies and their brands face growing competition from cheap imitations produced by manufacturers in China and other countries.

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