3 Nights 4 days Producer Sunil Pathare

Producer Sunil Pathare gets intimate in an interview and talks about his film ‘3 Nights 4 days’; and on how he is planning to make it work.

3 Nights 4 days Producer Sunil Pathare-Interview about Upcoming Hindi Movie
Producer Sunil Pathare dared to take a plunge in the business of filmmaking when recession has already shelved many movie projects. He gets intimate in an interview and talks about his film ‘3 Nights 4 days’; and on how he is planning to make it work.

3 Nights 4 Days-Upcoming Hindi Movie
3 Nights 4 Days-Upcoming Hindi Movie

Why did you decided to venture into films?
I have been studying this industry from last two-three years. I found it a lucrative industry, so I finally ventured. Many good production houses have been associated with textile, so I am looking forward to attain the same position.

How did you zero-in on this script?
I heard not less than 50 scripts before finalizing on this one. I like the script, as it’s a youth-based story. India is one of the youngest countries and our urban youth would definitely like it. In today’s scenario to make the film work it has to have strong concept with the right marketing and budgeting plan.

Tell us about the catchy-title of the film?
Story revolves around five friends who haven’t seen each other from long time and get together in one of the friends marriage. Wedding ceremony is arranged for ‘3 Nights’ and ‘4 days’ and all that happens during this period is what the film is all about. Ultimately, film conveys the message to be in touch with your friends. There is a lot of entertainment value in the film.

Do you think this is the right time to invest in films?
Right product sells anytime, and I have full faith on my film.

So what will be your marketing strategy?
Media will definitely play a key role in promoting it. We are also planning tie-ups with hotel industries for a ‘3Nights 4 Days’ package, as per the title of the film.

Tell us about your association with director Devang Dholakia?
I have known him for a long time, but when it comes to business we are very professional. I did turn down a few of his scripts before finalizing this one. We are also looking forward to work on two more films.

How was it working with youngsters?
All of them are potential actors. Industry definitely needs new talent, and I have introduced the best of talented actors in this film.

What’s next?
As the company’s name suggests Maxwell, we are looking forward to making maximum well-to-do movies. We will soon announce two more films.
– Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn

3 Nights 4 days

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