3 Musketeers– Raju, Vindu and Rohit Punished


The housemates are at it again! We are not talking about bitching but discussing nominations! And Bigg Boss has had it enough. Warnings and punishments doesn’t seem to be working, the housemates seems to be on a rule-breaking spree.

The latest culprits being Raju, Vindu and Rohit! In order to teach them a lesson, Bigg Boss punishes them in 3 different ways. Bigg Boss appoints Poonam as the Sheriff and asks her to action on the punishment given to each one of them. Vindu is locked in the jail and Rohit is locked in the cage hanging mid air while Raju has been asked to sit on a raft in the pool.

Seeing these three being punished, the housemates start speculating if this punishment will have an impact on the nomination process.

-Sampurn Media

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