22-day-old baby girl rescued in Haiti

Colombian and French aid workers rescued a 22-day-old baby-girl, after she spent a week in the rubble of the devastating quake in Haiti, the Bogota Fire Department said Wednesday.

Fire Department spokesman William Tovar told Colombian radio that the baby was rescued Tuesday in the city of Jacmel, on Haiti\’s southern coast, in a neighbourhood where at least 600 homes were destroyed.   

Tovar, who leads Colombian rescue efforts in Haiti, said the girl\’s mother directed them to her home after she had managed to escape without her child.   

A beam prevented the crib from being crushed by the collapsed roof.   

\"It\’s a miracle of good fortune,\" Tovar said. \"The girl was in a broad space, though very dehydrated.\"   

The Colombian government announced Sunday the return of their rescue workers in Haiti, on the grounds that there was not much they could do in the Caribbean country. However, they later decided to keep the teams in Haiti a bit longer.

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