2010 Kolkata Film Festival (KFF)-separate section for Children’s films

Kolkata, Nov 12, 2010 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS) Every year, the Kolkata Film Festival (KFF) has a separate section of children’s films of different kinds from all over the world.

[ReviewAZON asin=”B000065V3Z” display=”inlinepost”]However, these screenings tend to get marginalised because of the domination of other sections such as Contemporary World Cinema, Tributes, Honours, Homages and so on.

The reasons mainly are (a) lack of proper publicity and focus on this section, and (b) all screenings held at Sisir Mancha where projection facilities, specially the accoustics are of inferior quality as Sisir Mancha is not really a screening theatre but a cultural theatre for plays, music and dance performances.

This year is no different. In fact, seven films feature in this section.

These are The Magic Tree (Poland) directed by Andrzej Maleszka, Keshu (India) by Gopalapilla Sivan, Krish, Trish & Baltiboy (India) jointly directed by Munjal Shroff and Tilakraj Shetty, Harun Arun (India by Vinod Ganatra, Storm (Denmark) by Giacomo Campeotto, Karla and Jonas (Denmark) by Charlotte Sachs Bosetrup and Ricky Rapper and the Bicycle Thief (Finland) by Mari Rantasila.

The best part of these films are that within the entertainment mode addressed mainly to a child audience, they also weave messages of hope, communal harmony, overcoming of physical challenges simply through joy and mischief and childish pranks, folk tales from across India presented through puppet animation done through computers, a child’s attachment to a dog he discovers in a storm and is unwilling to part from, a teenage love story and the story of an adventure undertaken by two children one of who loses his fancy new bike.

One only wishes that these screenings open to ticketed audiences frequented by children and their parents, got the right kind of publicity before the festival. Some schools having their exams scheduled round the corner might also draw in lesser crowds than they normally do.
By Shoma A. Chatterji/IBNS

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