2010 Holiday Shopping Guide-Top 10 Security Tips to Shop, Share and Be Secure Online

November 14, 2010, NEW YORK,(Calcutta Tube)– As the holiday season approaches, millions of consumers will be shopping online and getting back in touch with friends and family over social networks. Identity Finder, LLC, a global leader in identity theft prevention and information protection,offered 10 tips to help consumers stay safe from a variety of online threats this season.

Exclusive Online Only Holiday Savings! EXTRA $5 off Sears.com orders of $50 w/ code SNOW 11/1-12/25 The Federal Trade Commission estimates that more than 10 million people were victims of identity fraud last year. Todd Feinman, CEO of Identity Finder, says, “As more shopping and social sharing is conducted online, the risk of identity fraud increases exponentially. However, consumers can take simple proactive steps to protect themselves and their families from being among the many victims of online fraud this holiday season.”

10 Tips for Safe Online Shopping and Social Networking This Holiday Season:

1. Clean Personal Information from Social Networks

2. Always Create Complex Passwords and Never Save Them Unsecured

3. Don’t Download Just Any App

4. Regularly Update Your Computer’s Software

5. Shop Securely

6. Avoid Phishing Attacks

7. Never Give Personal Information to Customer Service over “Live Chat”

8. Disable and Avoid Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

9. Do Not Trust “Scareware”

10. Protect Your Identity Information

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Watch Video: Todd Feinman Shares Tips for Cyber Security

The company’s technology provides users the ability to prevent identity theft and data leakage by finding and protecting sensitive data. They have quickly grown to become a leader in identity protection and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by helping millions of consumers, small businesses, and enterprises across the world. For more information, visit www.identityfinder.com.

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