2010 Halloween Costume Trends: Costumes on the Catwalk

September 22, 2010, ROCKAWAY, N.J., (Calcutta Tube):  Party City has released the 2010 Halloween costume trends. “This year, Avante Garde hits main stream and as a result, the 2010 costumes are expected to be completely over the top. The fashion world right now is about fusing together high-fashion looks with pieces that are completely individualized, and Party City’s collection of Halloween costumes allow customers to do just that,” says Melissa Sprich, top costume merchandiser for Party City. For this Halloween season, Party City predicts the top costume trends.Party City Corporation is America’s largest specialty party goods chain and the country’s premier Halloween specialty retailer. Party City operates more than 600 company-owned and franchise stores throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.


  • [ReviewAZON asin=”B000QGIXB6″ display=”inlinepost”]Modern-day Vampire Costumes : Today’s vampire adorns a mysterious, solemn attitude. Party City debuts its Moonlight Bite Vampire costume, which conveys the edgy look of the modern vampire.
  • 1980s Comeback Costumes : Expect this year’s Halloween costumes to include plenty of leggings, bright neon colors, lace gloves and acid-wash denim iconic of the Material Girl era.
  • Jersey Shore Cast Members : Halloween costumes will mirror the casts’ distinctive looks and outlandish personalities. Party City features all the accessories needed to pull off a signature Jersey Shore look.
  • Greek Goddess Costumes : The highly popular long and flowey dresses of 2010 translate beautifully into Party City’s Oh My Goddess and Roman Empress costumes carried by Party City.
  • Lady Gaga Costumes : The outrageous and provocative styles of popular recording artist and rising fashion icon, Lady Gaga, will heavily influence Halloween costumes. For the 2010 Halloween season, Party City carries six distinct Lady Gaga costumes that capture her unique fashion statements.
  • Blockbuster-inspired Costumes : Hollywood is always a huge source of inspiration for Halloween costumes. The characters from blockbusters such as Iron Man 2, Avatar, Toy Story 3, and Alice in Wonderland are sure to appear at this year’s Halloween parties.

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