2009-10 foodgrain production to be 218.2 million tonnes

New Delhi, July 19 (IANS) With record production of wheat and pulses, total foodgrain production in the country is estimated to reach 218 million tonnes in the 2009-10 crop year against a record 234.47 million tonnes in the previous year.

The agriculture ministry Monday released the fourth advance estimates of crop productions which said total foodgrain production in 2009-10 is likely to be 218.2 million tonnes, marginally up from the third advance estimates issued in May.

‘The estimates cover the 2009 kharif crop that was heavily impacted by a severe drought,’ it said.

The impact was especially severe in the case of kharif rice, groundnut and coarse cereals.

‘In the subsequent rabi season, some ground was regained but the overall production was still about 16 million tonnes lower than 234.47 million tonnes achieved in 2008-09,’ the statement said.

Incidentally, 2008-09 had been a year of record production of foodgrains following years of good weather conditions.

As per the latest estimates, wheat production has reached record 80.71 million tonnes, marginally higher than the earlier best of 80.68 million tonnes achieved in 2008-09. Similarly, pulses production has reached record 14.59 million tonnes, over 14.57 million tonnes in 2008-09.

Production of rice in 2009-10 stands at 89.13 million tonnes, wheat 80.71 million tonnes, coarse cereals 33.77 million tonnes, pulses 14.59 million tonnes, oilseeds 24.9 million tonnes and sugarcane 277.8 million tonnes.

‘There has been minor upward revision in most crops as compared to third estimates,’ it added.

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