10:10 (2008) – Bengali Movie

10:10 (2008) – Bengali Movie starring Playboy Model Claudia with Soumitra Chatterjee, Kanchan Mullick,and more directed by Arin Paul – a Bengali Comedy movie for total family fun!

10:10 (2008) – Bengali Movie
Released on :     28 November 2008
Language/Type :     Bengali /U/A
Story and Direction: Arin Paul
Executive Producer: Sumit Dutta
Music Director: Drono Acharya
Director of Photography: Basab Mullick
Editor: Aravinda Dasgupta
Lyric: Padmanabha Dasgupta, Ritam Sen, Rana Basu Thakur, Rangeet, Sandip Chakraborty,
Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan, Babul Supriyo, Siddharta Roy (CACTUS), Miss Jojo, Nachiketa, Sree, Claudia, Kajol
Costumes: Ananya Pal
10:10 poster
10:10 poster
Kanchan Mullick Flirting!
Soumita As DON

Casting :

  1. Soumitra Chatterjee as “Durga Prasad – The Mafia”
  2. Kanchan Mullick as ” Montu Singh”
  3. Prasen Gayen as “Fontu Singh”
  4. Aparajita Ghosh Das as ” Ranjita”.
  5. Subrata Dutta as “Apratim”
  6. Padmanabha Dasgupta as “Muktadhara”
  7. Imran Admed Khas as “Subho”
  8. Chirashree Singha Roy as “Priya”
  9. Claudia Ciesla as “Serin”
  10. Rijurekha Chakraborty as “Chitku”
  11. Basabdutta as “Mona”
  12. Abir Chatterjee as :Abhishek”
  13. Koushani Roy as “Bonolata”
  14. Nitya Ganguly as “the common man”
  15. Ririka Paul as “Chameli”

Official Webpage:

10:10 (Ten pasr Ten) – the first Bengali feature film by the director Arin Paul.10:10 is the latest Bengali Film extremely famous for the PLAYBOY GIRL Claudia in this film.

However, the film revolves around Soumitra Chatterjee who plays Durgaprasad – an aged don. Soumitra considers Daud Ibrahim as his idol and curses himself as no one feels threatened by him. He was grown up reading stories about Dons and Godfathers all his life and he really wants to be one of them in his life.

Montu Singh and Jhantu Singh (Kanchan Mallick & P. Gayen respectively) are the companions of Soumitra Chatterjee and both of them are are hilarious, fools and cartoons. Montu loves to play with toy guns where as Jhantu loves to be drunk all the time!

Soumitra’s daughter Ranjita ,played by Aparajita Ghosh Das, does not like the Mafia type identity of her dad at all. She fall in love with Apratim (Played by Subrata Dutta).  Apratim wants to be a film hero and gets a chance when Padnava Dasgupta (another young mafia in the film) offers him a chance. But unfortunately, Padmanava and Soumitra are rivals!

Claudia Ciesla is the female hot and sexy journalist who came from Germany to do a report about MAFIAs!

Well,,, I am sure by now you can tell this is a comedy bengali movie. Almost sounds like recent Priyadarshan Movies where you do not want to look for any reason for any incidents at all. If you are looking for some quick fun just go, watch the film. Enjoy Soumitra, Enjoy some skin of Claudia, come back and forget all about it.

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10:10 Bengali Film-claudia
10:10 Bengali Film-claudia
10:10 Bengali Film
10:10 Bengali Film
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