10 people killed during Holi revelry in Delhi

New Delhi, March 2 (IANS) Ten people were killed and over 180 injured in Holi revelry in the capital where police prosecuted 5,300 people for violating traffic norms, officials said Tuesday.

‘We have received reports of 10 people being killed in road accidents on Holi. Last year 14 people died in road accidents on Holi day,’ a police officer said.

A senior police officer said they have prosecuted 5,300 people for violating various traffic norms.

For jumping traffic signal (922), over-speeding (162), three riding on two-wheelers (404), riding without helmet (1,594), dangerous driving (222), drunk driving (445) and for various offences like using mobile while driving, driving without licence (1,591) people were prosecuted.

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