“Yashraj films happened to me due to lack of option” – Meiyang Chang


Indian Idol discovery is paving his way to films. His Pritish Nandi’s youth based film ‘The Seventeen’ is ready to release and as of now he is working with Yashraj’s untitled Parmeet Sethi directed film. He gets candid in an interview and goes down the memory lane beginning from Indian Idol days.

How did acting happen to you?

It was just a passing thought to me but now I am seriously pursuing it. There was a time when I was wondering that I did singing, hosting and have been performing with my band, so now what? Then the film ‘The Seventeen’ was in its casting stage and they needed four teenagers in the film. One of my band members is playing the lead in the film. So when the director’s family got to know that he plays for the band, for which I sing, as they were my fan in Indian Idol they insisted him to cast me.

What is ‘The Seventeen’ all about?

Story revolves around four teenagers and it talks about the change in our behavioural pattern. I mean due to many choices in life we don’t respect our elder and value our friends the way earlier generation would do. I am a teenager who lives in his virtual world between comics and video games. He is not bother about his surrounding unless something drastic happens. My character conveys more with action than dialogues. Before hand we were told that the film will be made but its release will happen only after the release of three more films made under the same banner. So we’ll have to wait.

Now you are also doing a film for Yashraj banner?

Honestly Yashraj films happened to me due to lack of option. They were looking for fluent Hindi speaking north eastern guy who has come to Mumbai at very young age.

Don’t you think your unconventional look will have limited work for you as an actor?

When I auditioned for Indian Idol, I never thought I will get selected, when I got selected I thought nobody would vote for me, but I reached pretty far. And then I was confident about the second season and pitched them (producers) to be the part of next season as a host. Though I have unconventional look I got decent work. In fact when I was hosting shows and also was mulling over career options before me, my friend’s father told that you may not be where you want to be but there are hundreds and thousands of people struggling to be where you are. So I can’t afford to be pessimist.

How is Parmeet Sethi as director?

Parmeet Sethi is non-compromising director. He would make you re-shoot 10 times but he will get out of you what he wants. People were skeptical about him as he has been associated with serials but he is amazing film director. As of now film is only 40% complete and there has been rumors doing the round that the film is based on Punjabi rock band but it’s not true. I think because Veer and me have music connection, Parmeet is involved and Yashraj tend to make Punjab based film often so people thought it’s a musical punjabi film otherwise film is a con movie. It revolves around four friends who are raise in life together but how over the time, their relationships changes.

Which was the highpoint in your career?

I think when I contested for Indian Idol. As that season was successful one, had I not have used the opportunity to the fullest, I would not have got these back to back offers to host, sing and to act now. While I was contestant I was dealing with the emotional side of the show but as a host I explored the practical side. Elimination is equally scary as host as it was while contesting.

Did you miss a female co-host?

No not exactly because as I am the beginner had I been paired with Mini Mam, I would have been very uncomfortable in cracking jokes with her as she is a woman and also a senior. Generally we see that when two people host the show, one is dominating and other gets suppressed but Hussain is very encouraging as co-host.

Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn Media

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