“We would handle the baby well” – Juhi-Sachin


Well we are talking about their new reality show, Pati Patni Aur Woh which has a unique concept where the five celebrities are given a task to raise a baby. Juhi and Sachin Shroff are one of the contenders who talks about the challenges that they are looking forward in the show.

"We both are childish and now when a child will be given to us; we will need to forget our childishness,” says Juhi excitingly. “We will take good care of the baby and if got chance to romance for 5 minutes too will be more than enough for us,” replies Sachin.

Juhi has not much interacted with kids while Sachin living in the joint family has been surrounded by kids. When asked of what they would prefer to have a baby girl or a boy. To this Sachin quips, “We prefer to get a baby girl.” To this his better half uttered, “In real life too we would wish to have a baby girl.”

Till date Juhi proudly uses her maayke ka surname. “My dad wished for a daughter and he got me and my sister. Till date I write my name as Juhi Parmar Shroff and my hubby doesn’t have any problem,” she quips

“In this man’s world, girls do walk shoulder to shoulder for which men should respect them. A guy may leave their parents after marriage but a girl will never do that, thus we would prefer a girl child,” adds Sachin.

Who will be a better parent? “I think Sachin will be a better father as he handles children very well.” Immediately Sachin interrupted, “Definitely Juhi will be a good mother for sure.”

What is the one thing that you two fear in the reality show? “I am dreading of washing their potty and vomit,” fears Juhi while Sachin is more worried about the budget. “We have to manage in limited budget. Crisis teaches you of how to do the management this will be a learning experience too for us.”

Do you think it will be easier for both of you to manage everything with the child? “Marriage is the first step to start the family and child is the next one which completes the portrait. So we are already married thus the first step we have already climbed. Second is the baby so I feel its going to be much easier for us to handle than the unmarried couples in the show,” concludes Juhi.

Rachana Trivedi

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