“Watching the performance of others is the best way to learn the craft”- Shieva Munjal


Shieva Munjal is making debut as the lead in Jawahar L. Jairath’s forthcoming feature film ‘Phaans-EkJasoos Ki Kahani’. Releasing on February 5, 2010, J.C Film Productions’ Phaans is directed by A. Chitransh and produced by Jawahar L Jairath. Star cast of the film includes Kanan Malhotra, Moin Khan, Jawahar, Vidya Sinha, Raza Murad, Shieva, Reshma Modi, Amita Nangia etc. Music is by Dilip Sen.

What is your character in the film?

I am playing the character of an advocate by the name Sameera. My father Jatin is someone who has dedicated his life for the benefits of our country. But in 1978 Indian Army declares him a traitor. Unable to take such allegations, he commits suicide. To prove that my father was not a traitor, I agree to go to Pakistan as a spy, to collect some important documents that hold information about a planned terror attack as well as proof for my father’s innocence. That is Sameera’s mission. She is a strong and an intelligent girl.

What is Phaans- Ek Jasoos Ki Kahani all about?

Story is about nuclear test at Pokharan in the year 1998. It was the year when India and Pakistan were on the verge of war. It is also the story of an Indian spy Jawahar who risks his life to save the country from war but in the end all he gets is loss of his son, prestige and family name. It all turns around when his granddaughter Sameera accepts the responsibility to enter Pakistan and get the secret documents on ISI planned terror activities in India. Question is whether Sameera will manage to get the documents? She wants to clean the tarnished image of her father as a traitor.

How did films happen to you?

Through regular audition I got this role. I was in Mumbai and was called for a screen test. After the initial audition, I was called in three four times more to check on my dialogue delivery. Three days later I was signed to play the role of Sameera.

Anything interesting that happened during the shoot you would like to share?

We were shooting at film city in Mumbai. And I was at the top of the hill. I am afraid of heights and I made the mistake of looking down. Suddenly I was falling, but luckily, a stuntman happened to see all this. He came for my rescue. Otherwise I could have broken my neck or back. It was quite a fall. Otherwise we used to play pranks and jokes on the sets. It was a big happy family.

How was your experience working with the producer and co-star Jawahar and Vidya Sinha?

Oh! Jawahar uncle is a very nice human being. He is playing the role of my grandfather, who is shown as a retired spy. Vidya Sinha is playing his wife and my grandmother. I used to tease them to pamper me all the time because that is what the grandparents are supposed to do. I enjoyed shooting with them.

How did you prepare yourself for your role?

The producer Jawahar’s uncle’s friend is in the police force. He taught me everything related to my characters. Besides that I am an avid cinema viewer. And believe me, watching the performance of others is the best way to learn the craft.

Have you done any other work before ‘Phaans- Ek Jasoos Ki Kahani’?

No, I have not done any film. This is my first Hindi Feature film but I have done two Punjabi albums and two albums for MTV. I have also done commercials ads for Haywards 5000, Dazzler Nail polish, Hit mosquito repellent, etc. Print ads are for Health Total, Wills Life Style, Pinnacle, and Honda City etc.

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