“Vindu may win Bigg Boss 3!”- Raju Srivastav


That is the prediction of Raju Srivastav who was the last eviction from the ‘Bigg Boss 3’ house. After staying in the house for 63 days, Raju who was famous for enacting many different characters in the house to make people laugh says he was feeling trapped and is now more than happy to come out and start doing stage shows.

How do you feel on being evicted from ‘Bigg Boss 3’?

I am very thankful to the Indian audience that they have eliminated me from the show respectfully, because as the chances of winning the big amount of one crore rupees comes closer the coming three weeks are going to become dirtier. I just pray that there is no violence among the inmates. Besides, the public is just not in a mood for any comedy on the show, and no comedian will be able to make them laugh so I think I have come out of house at the right time for which I am grateful to the public.

How was your experience on the show?

In a way I can say I too am a winner because I got nine weeks to entertain viewers, in which I played many different characters which would not have been possible even if I did 30-40 movies.

I played the role of a monkey, goat, woman, mental patient, honest police officer, corrupt police officer, mamujaan, Gajodhar bhaiyaa, sadakchaap salesman but I did not know whether viewers liked me or not. However, when I came out of house, the feedback from the media as well as my family was that they were covered me the most on the show since people wanted to see me too. So I think I did my job well.

You had given an open challenge to Vindu to nominate you and see who gets eliminated first…

Challenging someone is not my nature. All the inmates would keep discussing nominations and get tensed, so once I told them to nominate me as I didn’t like people leaving their meals halfway to discuss nominations. So I thought that if they want they can nominate me and if evicted I’ll happily go out and start my stage shows. I was tired of being trapped in the four walls of the Bigg Boss house.

Was there any incident that annoyed you inside the Big Boss’s house?

Whenever there would be any quarrel on the show whether it was between Vindu and Pravesh, Vindu and Kamal, or Bakhtiyar and Kamal, it would make me a bit tense. I would wonder whether I was in a wrong show as people fought a lot there and I thought how I would do comedy in such an atmosphere. As a single pasli I doubted my survival amongst those strong males.

Once, while defending someone even I got into a tiff with Kamal but later I felt good because I defended someone who was already being modest to Kamal who was still scolding him, which was total injustice. Over all, whenever such fights would erupt I used to get annoyed but then the next morning I would start afresh and while exercising I would start thinking about the characters that I would enact that day and would start finding the much need accessories and clothes for the get up. Like for a woman’s get up I would ask for lipstick, mascara, wig etc from the women in the house. Bohot nautanki ki maine ander.

Why do you think India eliminated you even though you were the people’s favourite?

Life always comes full circle. One thing cannot continue forever. If there is comedy on the show for the entire time the audience too gets bored. There was enough comedy on the show and now as it is progressing towards the finale it has started getting serious and so they decided to eliminate me. I think in the coming days people want some action in the Bigg Boss house. They want aggressiveness, for which there are four pehelwans in the house which will lend an altogether new color to the show.

Why are only men fighting on show? Why is it that there have not been any catfights on the show?

I don’t know whether they have shown this but there were these little arguments between the women folk too like whenever Aditi would go into the kitchen she would criticize Poonamji’s cooking saying, “Why did she put ginger in it?” or “Why did she put little garlic in this cuisine?” So, she would never enter the kitchen whenever Poonamji would cook. Sometimes, Poonamji would complain that others talk behind my back and call me ‘sattiyali buddhi’ and they isolate me as I am older to them. So, even girls would get into such little tiffs.

How was it being a girl for whole one week?

Actually for this challenge all the males shy away but I thought this is something different to do and will be fun. So I borrowed different things from the women in house. They lent me wigs, mascara and dupatta and I made the audience laugh by this gimmick. Sometimes it was difficult, like I could not eat properly because of my long hair but over all it was fun.

Who do you think will win the show?

Initially I was against Vindu because of his bad manners and the way he would speak but then I saw that he would repent later. Now, over all I think Vindu is good at heart so he may win ‘Bigg Boss 3’.

-Chandana H Buch/ Sampurn Media

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