“This year DPL, next year IPL”- Rani Mukherjee


The Bong beauty Rani Mukherjee doest needs any introduction. The vivacious actress is debuting on small screen with the new reality show, Dance Premier League. She will be donning the seat as a judge in the show.

What was the reason for taking DPL?

I wasn’t planning to do this show as I was pretty obsessed with my latest film but then the concept just fell on my lap like a national extension. I like to dance and thus thought of taking up the show.

Is there any strategy of judging?

I am not here to see the technicality. I will be judging them on performance, entertainment level and on their passion for dancing. In other words I will be the voice of janta. Shiamak will be the perfect judge on the show who will look out the minuet details of the contestants.

Judges on such kind of reality shows, criticise more? So will the audience be seeing you doing the same with the contestants?

That’s the job of critics and you should ask them. As I said earlier that I am people’s voice and even if there is criticism, one should be able to take it in a positive way. We criticise as we want our loved ones to work proper and do better in life so there is no need to feel bad.

Will the audience be seeing the dancing talent of the judges too?

Well I can’t tell you about my self as after hiring me as the judge for the show, Sony may not afford the performance so there are less possibilities of me dancing on stage (laughs)

Can we term that this is your start with the small screen?

Yes definitely this is my start with the television world.

What took you so long for deciding to take up television?

To come on TV you need to take time. This is the platform where you can communicate through 50 million people at one go. There are public who doesn’t like to come on theatre and watch films so by doing this show in a small way I’m connecting with them. Through this show I can reach their homes. In short this is the right time to be on television.

How long did it take you to say yes for the show?

Well if you want me to give you details of every seconds then listen, it took me 127 hours, 30 minutes and 21 seconds to decide for this show

It’s been heard that you are planning to invest in IPL?

I can’t afford an IPL team but may be after signing DPL this year I will be able to afford one IPL team next year (grins).

-Rachana Trivedi/ Sampurn Media

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