“Pari hoon mein”-Hina Khan


Hina Khan aka Akshara of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai shares her most memorable event of life exclusively with Telly Café.

How is Hina in real life?

Hina is very shy, reserved and very emotional kind of a person who do not like to share much about her personal life with others. I am exactly opposite to Akshara as she always depends on others to make her personal decisions but when it comes to Hina she does not bother about others but except her father to make any decision regarding her life. But at the end I do not like to speak much about myself.

How is your journey of Yeh Rishta Kya…?

It was cool till now and ‘Insha allah’ it will be great hence forth. I am pleased to be linked up with such veteran co-actors were I am getting to learn more and more things about acting which I did not know before. After all it’s just a start of my journey and long way to go. Hope I get all support from my audience to move towards success.

Which is your unforgettable memory of life?

Yes, I have one and i.e. my 12th standard cultural program were I have spent a gala time with my teachers and friends. The thing that made the event special was that I have performed on the stage and that too on a dance which is very much difficult for me to do as I am a very bad dancer, I just can’t dance. The song on which I have performed was “Pari Hoon Mein”, it was so weird but we all had fun. Another thing that made it so special was the tears in the eyes of teachers which simultaneously brought tears in my eyes too. The moment was very touchy for me and that is the reason why I have remembered it till now.

What are the similarities and difference between Akshara and Hina?

As I said before I am very confident which Akshara is not as she can’t take her own decision whereas I can take my decisions without concerning any one. But yes there are some similarities which make us one and that are I am shy, emotional, caring for others like Akshara.

Tell something about your likes and dislikes?

Hmm, I like to sleep a lot and like to lie down on my bed but the sad thing is that I don’t get time to sleep as I am always busy working with tight schedule of Yeh Rishta…but whenever I get time I make a note that I rest in my green room. Another thing which I like is shopping but again same reason for not getting to shop and that is only thing which I don’t like.

Do you think that now after Yeh Rishta.. You are settled in your career?

No, not at all I have many plans and goals to reach. It is just the beginning of my career. I have to learn a lot many things in my life. Along with that I have to do many projects but till then I have to concentrate on Yeh Rishta.

Any plans to marry?

No, not still as I am too young to marry and still have never thought about the issue. So as of now its a big no but will definitely let you all know when I plan to get married.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar / Sampurn Media

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