“No plans to marry Salman”-Mona Singh


Mona Singh, the host of Entertainment Ke Liye Aur Bhi Kuch Karega shares her blissful “mantra” of success, her plans to get married and many more…

How is Mona in actual life?

Hmm… Frankly speaking Mona as a person is very simple girl from a middle class family. I am just like any other girl who really wants to be famous and be always in limelight. I always wanted to be famous and happy and I got what I wanted. The most important thing in life is inner happiness and satisfaction, “Aap jo karo usme apko khushi milni chahiye”.

To whom will you credit your success with?

I will not credit anyone for my success, but yes, my father has supported me a lot. He is like those fathers who always encourage their daughter to go out and be successful. According to me, success is a great combination of “talent” and “luck”.

How was your journey to success?

If it comes to talking about my success, then I should quote “It’s just the start of my career”. But yes, my journey was not too easy, I have gone through many auditions, met many producers and at last I bagged the role of Jassi in Jaasi Jaisi…that was followed by Jhalak…, Entertainment Ke Liye… etc. I have many future plans to meet like I have to do many projects, movies etc but at the end I want be a part of this industry.

Is marriage on the cards?

Yes, there was a rumor that my mom is looking forward to Salman for me. But it’s nothing like that. My mom is a very big fan of Salman and it is same with me. Who will not be happy to marry him! But that was just a rumor. As of now, I have no plans for marriage.

What is your funda to be happy?

I will just say that don’t be sad when someone feels sad. But at the same time participate in other’s happiness. And last; but not the least, don’t compare yourself to people whom you can’t reach in stature. That’s it.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

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