“It was challenge to be simple”- Sucheta Khanna


Sucheta Khanna, the actress who is going to play the role in up coming serial on SAB TV, Lapatagunj had an exclusive talk with Telly Café. In a chit chat she shared about her experience to act in a serial which is close to reality.

Sucheta how was your experience in the show? “We have just started the shoots, but so far I had a very fantastic experience as my character was so different from what all I played before,” informs Sucheta.

“I am playing a role of Indumati who is a common man’s wife, a typical “Dehati” type of a character, who always fight for her basic necessities, but after all she is happy with what she has,” actress adds further.

What was difficult for you to maintain your character? “Well it was very difficult to be simple. We are done with some episodes in which we had problem with accent and attire, but the team members helped each other, especially me, to come over it,” actress said.

“This tale is simple and real, the story goes around the simplicity and reality of every ‘common man’, the way they take each and every situation of their life and remain happy,” she goes on. “The show is not full on comedy, but it shows the simplicity and the humour which comes out of it” Sucheta concludes.

So get ready to experience yourself in the show from 26 of this month!

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

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