“Instrumental music always interests me”- Anushka Manchanda


One of the VIVA girl’s Anushka Manchanda has come a long way in this industry. After the group spilt because of differences, Anushka got to work as VJ for Channel [V] for a short time. She has also been in the modelling world.

In a tete- e- tete this vivacious singer cum VJ cum model talks to us about her stint on television and big screen. Alongside she speaks about the music liked by the junta in our country.

What are you doing these days?
I have been working very hard for the past 6 months but since 10-15 days I got free from all my commitments from work, so enjoying and relaxing at home. I have completed my recordings for the films and now desperately want to put on some weight.

I had been travelling for some shows abroad and was also having food outside but still I lost weight.
You have sung in movies Pyaar Impossible and Kambakkht Ishq?
I was with Salim Suleman for the background music but it came to my surprise when that thing became the part of the main section in the film. It was my great pleasure to work with them. I also recorded a song with Pritam ‘Lak Lak…’ for KI, it was great fun and his music is also fabulous.

Talking about your television stint, the buzz is that you have won the second season of Khatro Ke Khiladi?
I can’t speak about that but all I would say is that the finale of the show is yet to be shot. I wish and hope this buzz becomes true and I win the show.

You have been much into music. How did singing happen to you then?
I never use to sing so much and my interest was always in instrumental music. I know to play piano and guitar. About singing it just happened. Basically I did not want to study on the day of the audition so went ahead and tried my luck there. Fortunately I was selected and then after it was never looking back.

This was the time I realise that I want to sing and over the last couple of years I have started listening to Bollywood music. This has helped me a lot to understand the world of music and singing.

Which kind of music has maximum reach in India?
I feel Bollywood music has the maximum reach in our country. There are various kinds of platforms like radio, internet beside cinema and television which gives us so much of variety of music.

Do you think that the music director are getting their face in this country? Who is your favourite from Hindi Film Industry?
They create a wonderful music and they should be given respect. Today there are much known music directors who are well recognised by the audience because of their appearance on screen which is necessary.

My favourites are Vishal-Shekhar, Shanker, Eshaan and Loy to name few. It’s cool to listen to their music as they have not lost the richness in the melody. I am also working in a project where Big B will be singing. There are various things to do in this genre.

Are there any plans to come up with your own album?
I write my own music but there are no plans to cut my own album at this point of time. Today in the market the pop music doesn’t sell. I had formed a group and we were working towards the album but I stopped everything in the middle as this is not the right time.

For now I am looking forward for my 15 songs to release from the movies like Pyaar Impossible, Luck, Kambakkht Ishq and few other flicks.
Rachana Trivedi / Sampurn Media

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