“I will not be part of my mother’s film…”


While Shahid Kapur tells Jyothi Venkatesh in a lighter vein that he wishes that Aamir takes a break for six months as an actor, he is very much serious when he firmly says that he doesn’t want to be associated with his mother’s film. To know more, read on…

What is your role in ‘Chance Pe Dance’?

I play the role of Sameer Behl, a struggling actor. Sameer hails from a middle class family and his father owns a small sari shop. Though he has been rejected when he went for as many as 300 auditions, he manages to exude a positive attitude

Did you also have to struggle to get a break?

I also had to struggle a lot as a wannabe actor five years ago, before I managed to get a break with Ken Ghosh’s ‘Ishq Vishk’. The only difference is that I used to struggle in a Maruti 800. I remember I had spent an entire night in my car because I did not have money for petrol and didn’t know where to go.

Is ‘Chance Pe Dance’ a feel good film?

Chance Pe Dance is a simple, real and a candid film. I’d even go to the extent of stating that it is a ‘slice of life’ film. Though generally the audiences may not be able to identify the situations in the film which is a film based film, the way the people who belong to the film industry can relate to them, the situations in ‘Chance Pe Dance’ will touch the heart-strings of the audiences.

How was it working with Genelia D’Souza?

I have been teamed in the film for the first time opposite Genelia D’Souza. I loved her work when I saw ‘Jaane Tu Ya Na Jaane Na’. Genelia plays a choreographer in this film with whom I fall in love.

Isn’t it true that Jia Khan was the original choice for that part?

Yes. Originally when the film was launched, it was Jia Khan and not Genelia who was the leading lady but I really could not help it when she was replaced.

‘Kaminey’ clicked in a big way at the box office but in what way did it help you as an actor?

As an actor, you have to break shackles and cross boundaries and set out to redefine yourselves. I am glad that people now believe that I can do edgy action roles. The biggest challenge after doing a romantic role like in ‘Jab We Met’ was to surprise people by doing an edgy film like ‘Kaminey’, which was a big risk for me to undertake as an actor, but the gamble paid off. Thanks to ‘Kaminey’, the audiences today do not have any reservations to see me in a different space.

As an actor, you seem to be following in the footsteps of Aamir Khan!

I confess that I am still yet to make aware of the fact that I am a consummate actor, unlike the Khans who are known the world over. You cannot compare me with Aamir Khan. I wish Aamir takes a break for six months as an actor, because in front of an actor like him, who takes on varied roles in film after film, every other actor, including me looks like a terrible actor who does not even have script sense, when it comes to picking a role. (Laughs)

Though you are very choosy otherwise, why did you take up ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’?

I am very clear about why I do films. I confess I did ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’ even though it was a heroine oriented film, only because I wanted to establish my relationship with Yashraj Films. Today I am doing yet another film for them with Parmeet Sethi as the director. I hope to do at least a film every year for them. If you enjoy the process, it does not matter even if the film does not run. I enjoyed working in ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’.

Tell me about your father’s directorial venture!

Next year will be dedicated to my father, Pankaj Kapur’s film ‘Mausam’, a love story. My dad is writing the last leg of the story. He told me that though he has put in 35 years as an actor, he did not have ambition to prove himself and he just wanted to make ‘Mausam’ to show his son in a different light as an actor. With dad every day was a workshop when I assisted him in his serial ‘Mohandas B.A.L. L. B.

Though you are working in your father Pankaj Kapoor’s film, why did you refuse to work in your mother Neelima Azeem’s film?

I will not be a part of my mother’s film ‘Nawab Nautanki’. Please do not make it into another controversy and I am sorry but I just cannot divulge the reason because it is something which is strictly between me and my mother

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