“I want each and every luxury”- Rashmi Desai


Rashmi Desai who headed to small screen from Bhojpuri movie is enjoying her stint as Tapasya in Uttaran. The bubbly girl talks about her life and career plans in an exclusively tee-e-tee with Telly Cafe.

1. Is there any similarity between Rashmi Desai and Tapasya?

Not at all as if I am east, Tapu is west. We are totally opposite to each other. Initially I didn’t like as my character was becoming negative but now I love it. Even the audience are appreciating my work on screen.

2. How well do you gel with your on screen partner Iccha aka Tina Dutta?

We are very good friends and have all the masti on the sets. I am very talkative and it’s difficult to catch me if I am in fun mood. I just listen to my director Nandita mam as I am scared of her. We are enjoying ourselves in Uttaran.

3. How is Rashmi in real life?

I am very samjdaar and know my responsibilities. I can balance both my worlds and is very homely person and loves my mom, dad and both the brothers. Also I like to work as even if I am not shooting, I keep my self busy at home by doing creative stuffs liking cooking, dancing etc.

4. Were you always interested in acting?

Actually I never thought of acting. I always thought of becoming doctor or air-hostess. Also I thought of becoming a chorographer as I love to dance. It all started when I was learning classical dance. My guru told me about a bhojpuri film. I went there and met the people. That is how I got the opportunity.

5. Are there any plans to go back to Bhojpuri films?

If there is any good script coming up my way, I would definitely go for it. Not many people know that my 2 Bhojpuri films have got national awards too. I would also like to do a Bengali film.

6. What do you normally do in your free time?

I go out with my friends or be with my family. Even if I have more time then I pamper my self in a spa. As I am bit health conscious I also spend my time in the gym busying toning my self and listening to the songs which I enjoy the most.

7. Tell us about one person who is closest to your heart?

I am closest to my mom and bhabhi. For them I am like an open diary and they are very important part of my life. Also my brother Mayank Desai is someone whom I look up to. We spend lot of time together.

8. Which was the one most memorable moment of your life?

It is yet to come. The day I get married and pregnant will be the most memorable moment of my life as that would be the time when I’ll enter in the new world which will be very different and an exciting journey for me

9. Elaborate any one embarrassing moment of your life?

It was an incident in my college when I was standing and eating something. I saw a bench nearby and I sat on it. But the moment I sat, the bench turned upside down and I too fell along with it. It was so embarrassing.

10. Tell us about your one secret desire?

Basically I want each and every luxury on earth and enjoy life to the fullest.

-Rachana Trivedi /Sampurn Media

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