“I never liked to study”- Hemant Brijwasi


Hemant Brijwasi, who was recently declared winner of Sa Re Ga Pa Li’l Champ 2009, had an exclusive talk with Telly Café. The boy is very much excited for his victory and not only Hemant but also Mr. Brijawasi (Hemant’s father) expressed their happiness by disclosing their feelings and aspirations.

How is Hemant in real life?

Hemant: What should I say about myself? Ask my father as he knows me better. But yes, I would like to say that I was always blessed by my parents and ‘Bake Bihari’ who use to sing with me. I never liked to study but when it comes to singing, I am ready to cross any limitations of hard work.

Mr. Brijwasi: He is very hard working but only in singing as he said that he never liked to study. Hemant’s mom use to bang him for his ignorance in in the same. He doesn’t like to play much but to sit at one place and do his ‘pet puja’.

Hemant, do you have any wish which you want to ask for?

Hemant: Yes, I would like to ask for an Laptop this years on my birthday and hope my dad will fulfill my wish as he had done last year by gifting me an cycle.

Mr.Brijwasi: I had gifted him with a cycle on his last birthday as we stay bit away from Mathura were his school is situated. It is approximately 5 K.M from our place so this poor guy uses to travel walking to his school till I gifted a cycle. I am planning to give a Laptop for his coming birthday.

What about your schoolings?

Hemant: I am studying in S.B.I.M Iyer high school (Mathura), but I am continuously missing my schools since 6 month as I was busy in my shoots and competition. I may return back to my school after completion of Mega Challenge but if I get some new offers than I might stay here in Mumbai with my father.

Mr.Brijawasi: I have left shouting at Hemant for getting back to school. As he has been the winner of Li’l Champs even the school has grant him permission that he will be promoted to next class without giving any examinations. So now even I am least bother about his studies. If he wants to pass, he may pass or if fail than fail, doesn’t matter.

What was the factor that made you winner?

Hemant: It was whole and soul my Bake Bihari, who always supported me at each and every period. Truly speaking it was not me but my Bake Bihari who always sang for the audience. I sang because of him and my presence was due to him. When I got a wild card entry it was my god who gave me full energy to win.

Mr.Brijwasi: I will give the credit to his hard work. This boy has rehearsed late till night for the competition. His hard work was really appreciable. If I would have been at his place, I would have given up but this guy was so dedicated to his work that it brought tears in my eyes. I am proud to be his dad.

Any future plans regarding your singing?

Hemant: No planning as such but I will try that wherever I get chance to execute my talent, I will do it. Let see, how long I go with my work.

Mr. Brijwasi: Hemant is India’s son. The audience has always supported him and that’s the reason why he has bagged the prize. God has always been with him and will always be with him in the future too. So if almighty wants Hemant to be in front, than definitely he will progress.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

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