“I knew about my selection”- Suhasi Dhami


Suhasi Dhami, who is making a come back with Rajshri Production’s Yahan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli, which will be soon aired on Zee TV from 17th November exclusively talks to Telly Cafe about her career, marriage and many more things.

Tell us about your character in the serial?

Well, I am just like a princess in the show who is not bother about any circumstances coming in her life. She is ‘ladli’ in the family and is allowed to do her own ‘manmani’ all the time. But on other hand my on screen mom always forces me to do all the household works as according to her any situation can come and we need to be prepared for it. Actually she is making me self sufficient so that I don’t need to be dependent on anyone in future.

Apart from reel life, how is Suhasi in real life?

Suhasi is actually somewhere in middle of my on screen character as I am the youngest child in the family and also pampered a lot. I hate taking responsibility, it can be said that I am the naughtiest person in my family who is least bothered about her responsibility.

What is more near and dear to you, your school or college days?

I was very busy during my college days with all my curricular activities, (mera college life kaha gaya pata nahi), I don’t know where my college life flew away. But yes, my school life was very much near to heart as I was studying in a girl’s school and being there, I have done everything which a naughty girl could do. Right from bunking schools till teasing our teachers. It was really very memorable for me.

What are your likes and dislikes?

If I say about my likes and dislike taking my food into considerations than let me tell you that I am a big foodie. I like to munch on chocolates, sweets and whatever sweet I can get. You can call me ‘sweety’ as I just love to hog on sweets. I just get angry when I don’t get my food on time or when I am hungry. Otherwise I am never angry on any one but always happy.

How has been your journey to success?

Well it was not how exactly I have thought of but still I have enjoyed whatever has come to me. I am happy with what I have and hope it will be better hence forth. As I knew before that I will be definitely getting a role in Yahan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli as I had met Kavita Barjatya before. But the actual time or pariksha will start when the show will go on air. So now I am just waiting for public response.

Any plans to get married?

Please I will be happy if you do not ask me on this issue. I would not like to comment on this question. But just want to say that I am happy.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

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