“I am recovering from Bigg Boss”- Tanaaz Irani


Tanaaz Irani, the cool one amongst the Bigg Boss inmates is been out of the house last week. Thus, Telly Cafe brings you an interview about her Bigg Boss ride and its experience.

How was your overall experience about BB3?

Ohh! My BB3 journey was fantastic. As I am not that brave to participate in reality shows like Khatron Ke Khiladi and climb up on a building, eat a snake or do such things. Thus, Bigg Boss was a good opportunity to test myself, my conscious as according to me I am quite clear when it comes to my mind. Overall it was ‘good’ for me.

Did you miss your family apart from Bhaktiyar during your BB3 journey?

Yes! Very badly, especially my 17 years old daughter because my small kid is just 3 years old and he is not that attached to me as he has his own friends, maid and toys for himself. His day starts and end with a glass of milk and he is sorted but its not with my daughter’s case. Truly speaking I participated in BB3 just for my daughter; I had really dedicated this show to my daughter as I really wanted to show my daughter how her mom is in real sense.

Which were your happiest moments from BB3?

I enjoyed the entire task and during which I met two more people in BB3 who thinks exactly what I think. These two personalities are Shamita Shetty and Aditi Govitrikar who really inspired me to be their friends. They both are good human beings and their nature was disclosed in front of me when Bakhtiyaar had a tussle with me and they both were consoling him in the way. How I will console him if I would have been at that place, this had really touched me a lot.

Which thing do you dislike from BB3 house?

There are many things which I dislike but the first most thing which would like to say is, people are scared to say any thing in the house, I don’t know what’s wrong to be as you are. People always want to fly away from the circumstances and that’s true because after looking at yesterday’s episode, Poonamji whom I respected had degraded her image in front of me. Why people are behaving as if they have worn a mask on their faces.

How are you feeling after coming out of BB3 house?

Actually not much different because I was same as I am in reality at my residence so it hardly makes any difference for me but yes I am missing Bigg Boss. I hope the days go faster deciding upon the winner. But I am relaxed because now I don’t have to work and apply ‘zhadoo’ at my place as I have maid who looks after all this work and I am spared now from cold water bath. I am much relaxed now.

Do you have any plans for coming back on television?

No, not yet as I am recovering from Bigg Boss house, inmates and everything that happened with me during this few weeks. Let see I may come back with some new ventures but still a big no for every thing.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

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