“Bipasha did not deserve it” – Nauheed Cyrusi


Nauheed Cyrusi makes many a hearts go flutter with her fine porcelain doll beauty. Believed to be more of a trend-setter than follower, Nausheed’s uber-chic style exudes class and an infectious vivaciousness; trademark of the pretty lass.

No wonder one goes humming ‘Aankhen Teri kitni Haseen’ every time Nauheed steps out. Catching up with Nauheed on her beauty secrets, we quizzed her on fashion, shopping and Hrithik Roshan…

Your fashion statement?

Honestly, following a particular trend is not my cup of tea. (Laughs) I think I was a hippie in my past-life, for I love to wear crazy clothes. Like in rains, comfortable jeans are something I look for.

So, is your style tom-boyish or ladylike?

I prefer a combination of both tom-boyish and lady-like dressing. Maybe, shorts with keds teamed-up with a pretty girly top.  

Who is your personal favourite fashion designer?

I think ‘Qawwali’ is simply fabulous. Well, Qawwali Qawwali is elaborate and flamboyant for my taste but ‘Qaawali’ gels amazingly with my persona. If got to pick among Indian designers, I think, Manish Arora is excellent. He designs funky clothes which compliment my style the best.

The one shop you run to on entering a shopping mall?

Humm… I am a big time make-up freak. Although, I rarely put make-up, still, I have a big collection of all the brands with me. And, whenever I go for parties or occasions I make it a point to style my make-up differently. So, as soon as I enter a shopping mall, the first thing I do is look out for the latest brand or make-up style. Also, colourful showrooms attract me.

Which is your favourite make-up brand?

Mac Naked Honey Collection and Bobbi Brown Nautical Collection are my favourite brand (smiles).

What are those 5 important things without which Nauheed won’t step out of her place?

Well, house keys, lip gloss, phone, cash and last but not the least either car or someone to drop me back home.

What do you think an Indian actress looks more sensuous in- Bikini or a saree?

Definitely, saree because we are the only ones who can carry it off very well. 

Whose style do you appreciate in Bollywood?

I think Kareena Kapoor is the hottest of all. However, my all-time favourite is Madhuri Dixit. She is the hottest-diva to its truest sense. 

IIFA recently gave Hrithik Roshan and Bipasha Basu awards for the best style in the industry…are you convinced or is someone else’s, who you think deserved the awards?

Humm… Hrithik definitely deserved the award. He is no-doubt the most stylish male-actor in the industry today. However, Bipasha Basu is someone I would not vote for, as I don’t relate to her style. Moreover, she might be good, but is certainly not the best. In-fact, off late, I been bowled over by how Kareena dresses up. Her dressing sense is simply awesome. She has realized what fits her best. So, I think she deserved the IIFA for best stylish female actor.

-Esha Razdan/ Sampurn Media

1 thought on ““Bipasha did not deserve it” – Nauheed Cyrusi

  1. This infantile Bengali website is so stupid. This news plops up like an unwanted tumor time to time. Nauheed is a 3rd rate actress, barely up from the level of an extra with a pudgy and swollen face. She is comparing Kareena, who is a MAN with svelte Bips, because Kareena gave Nauheed 2 seconds role in super duper flop Kurbaan!

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