“Aman Ki Asha”- Paresh Rawal


The conflict between two neighboring countries India and Pakistan has been a matter of concern since ages now. But parrallely the efforts to resolve this years old war are constantly been made to reduce the differences from both the ends. Our tinsel town celebs have been a part of this. Recently, Paresh Rawal too expressed his views over the peace efforts.

Paresh Rawal hoping that his words get heard and implemented for the good says, “I believe in peace and Pakistan is our neighboring country in fact I would say it’s a part of our country which got de-attached a long back. However, we need to keep our efforts on, to promote peace between two nations.”

Moreover, Paresh Rawal’s film Road to Sangam also conveys message of peace though it is about Hindu-Muslim issues as a part of the film. Road to Sangam is due for release in India on Jan 22, 2010 which also stars Om Puri, Pawan Malhotra, Javed Shaikh, Swati Chitnis and others.

-Anil A Kanojia/ Sampurn Media

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