“Aarah is the name of my daughter”- Kamya Punjabi


Kamya Punjabi, participant of Comedy Circus season 2, is all happy being a mother of a baby girl. Telly Café brings you an exclusive Interview of Kamya about her feelings and views for her motherhood.

How are you feeling ?

“I am really feeling on top of the world as our dream of having a baby girl has come true, it’s really great to be a mother. Health wise I am feeling much better compared to what I was feeling after my delivery.”

When asked about junior Kamya, the actress replies, “Well she is very strong and healthy since the day one, but soon our baby is going to get an new identity and no more she will be called as junior Kamya.”

While moving ahead with the chit chat, the actress talked about her husbands expression on getting a baby girl, “Oh my goodness, my hubby is so happy that I could not express his happiness in words. It was his wish too for having a baby girl.”

“About ‘Naamkaran’ we are yet to fix the ‘mahurat’ but yes we have decided with many names. According to me, my baby’s name will be ‘Aarah’.”

What is the literal meaning of the name? “Aarah means a ’myth’, we think that our baby girl is just like a myth to us, a fairy tale that had come true for our family." Have you faced any difficulty with her? “Yes, the only problem is that she sleeps in the day time because of which I have to do night shifts. It becomes very hard to control my self from sleeping in the night as till she doesn’t sleep and nor do I,” Kamya quips. " May it be any thing but all I could say is that it is really very pleasurable feeling of motherhood,” actress concludes.

Well Kamya, We Telly Café team wishes you and your family heartiest congrats for new member.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

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