Palmtree Production Presents “AAJ BBHI” was recently launch with 2 song recording at Kailasa Studios with Javed Ali, Sadhna Sargam, Monali Thakur and Anupriya (Singers), Rohit Sinha (Music Directors), Piyush Chakravarty (Director), (Producer)- P. D. Garg, (Story, Screen Play and Dialogue)- Jyotidev Roy, (Lyrics)- Azim Shirazi, (DOP)- Ashok Chakravarty

Film’s shoot will commence from September this year and casting is in process.

“Aaj Bbhi” is the story of women power, respect, perseverance and will power. Until rites and rituals, superstitions are deep-rooted in this world; only materialistic development will take place. Human as a whole can’t develop until they exist. One needs to undergo changes with their thoughts, beliefs and inner-strengths.

Why such killings, extortions, rape, brutal killing takes place? Since decades and decades, why women has to suffer? Why have people around suppressed her? Why she has no freedom of speech, lifestyle and in action? A woman fulfills roles of a daughter, lover, sister, wife and mother. Without her world and man both are incomplete. But, then she is not valued for her worth.

Film “Aaj Bbhi” is women-centric and deals with all above-mentioned issues. It is a hard-core subject and revolvers around heart-wrenching truth. Film has romance, love, melodious music and songs and emotions. It is a commercial flick with message for the society.

-Sampurn Media

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