‘3 Nights 4 days’ team parties all night


In the recession season another producer dares to take plunge in the show-business. Sunil Pathare unveils the first look of his first film on his 38th birthday. Mysteriously titled ‘3 Nights 4 days’ is directed by the Devang Dholakia. Cast of the youthful film includes Anuj Swahney, Farid Amiri, Madhuri Bhattacharya, Samir Aftab, Pinky Harwani, Areesz Gandh, exotic beauty Sanda Caktas and the only-known-face Hrishita Bhatt. “I have heard not less than fifty scripts before zeroing on this youth centric concept.

Story revolves around five friends who haven’t seen each other from long time and get together in one of the friends marriage. Wedding ceremony is being arranged for ‘3 Nights’ and ‘4 days’ and all that happens during this period is the film all about,” briefs the producer. “Film is about love and friendship. It also gives a picture of the changing equations between friends over the time,” shares Sanda. Youthful cast of the film seemed very excited on the inauguration eve. Maxwell’s discovery Sanda gave every Indian beauty run for their money in her snow-white dress. Cutest hunk Samir Aftab looked dashing in his casuals. Madhuri Bhattacharya carried the broadest smile all through the party in her golden-glossy dress.

Producer in his off-white suit was so putting off but director Devang Dholakia did the balancing act and graced the party in his black leather suit. Music composer Daboo Malik and choreographer Longinus Fernandes were also rejoicing the bash. Fast forward girl Bhavana Pani, don the simple black and Jimmy Shergill preferred simplicity to party this eve. Wannabe stars kept walking in the merrymaking ceremony, flaunting the best of their looks. Rachana Shah, Siddharth Koirala, Hiten Paintal and Rituparna Sengupta showed up brilliantly in the new producer’s party.

– Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn Media

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